THE Gardiner Dairy Foundation has a small grants program that supports projects in Victorian dairy communities.
It recently presented the Bass Coast L2P learner driver mentor program with a $5000 cheque to go toward the cost of replacing one of its aging L2P program vehicles.
L2P coordinator, Veronica Dowman, said she was delighted to receive this cheque on behalf of the program.
“Our 27 mentors and 33 learner drivers look forward to driving in a newer and safer program car,” she said.
Robin Bell, from the National Centre for Dairy Education in Gippsland said the program is crucial in rural communities.
“I see firsthand the problems faced by our young people when applying for work and enrolling for courses of study, then needing to depend on parents to drive them to work or access classes, often clashing with their parents’ own work times.
“Quite often, the reason many young people don’t already have their driving licence is the limited time available for parents to take them out to get their hours in order to sit for their test.
“Any opportunity to offer them access to a trained mentor and a suitable vehicle in which to practice would take a huge strain off the parents and family in general and in many cases give them a wider range of driving conditions and driving skills,” Robin said.
Ms Dowman said the grant, which is administered through the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal (FRRR), is a great contribution.
“We are seeking more donations to buy a new program vehicle, as well as more mentors who are always in demand.”
If you are interested in becoming a sponsor or a VicRoads trained mentor, please contact Veronica on 0467 590 679 or email