noelenewebAt the annual general meeting of the Korumburra Business Association earlier this week, new KBA president Noelene Cosson (pictured) appealed to Korumburra residents to get on to the shire’s Your Say website and have their say!

She said the town’s response to the Community Capital Works Allocation Project, offering $400,000 in funding for the town, based on a community wish-list, hadn’t been as good as it might have been.

At the time of writing, Mirboo North people had registered more votes than Korumburra, with Foster not far behind.

So get on the shire’s website and make your vote count, bearing in mind the funding criteria though: “Please ensure your idea is related to a capital works project on Council managed land that could be completed with a budget of $400,000 or less. This forum will be moderated to ensure all ideas and comments are in keeping with the aims of the project.”

Here are a few of the projects so far suggested for Korumburra:

* Create a Korumburra Skate Park/Youth Precinct

* Replace the bitumen path from the high school into Korumburra

* Remove the clutter of information signs as you enter Korumburra from Melbourne

* Turn the outdoor swimming pool into an aquatic centre

* Use the money to fix up the main street.

What’s your suggestion? Where will you place your vote?

It closes on Tuesday, September 20.

Other towns

People in Mirboo North, Foster and Venus Bay are urged to do likewise – this isn’t a competition between the towns because each will be allocated $400,000 but it is a competition within towns for the best project.

The new shire council will have to pick the winners and it may not necessarily be the project that gets the most votes – but that will help.