The Bass Coast Shire Council showed flawed judgement and undue haste in approving the closure of the Inverloch Waste Transfer Station.
There was absolutely no sense in making that decision in August 2016 when it was not needed until December 2016 at the very earliest.
The new council must have the right to review that decision in November/December 2016.
I sincerely hope the CEO will be prudent enough to avoid making any contractual arrangements which will compromise that review, which I for one will press for if elected.
Furthermore, if I am given the privilege of serving on the council, I will seek to have the lobby/consultation groups involved comprehensively reviewed and classified into major and minor groups for future consultation processes.
The Inverloch Residents & Ratepayers Association is reported to have only four financial members.
Should this be factual, it is ludicrous that the decision making process of six councillors appears to have been swayed by the biased and possibly conflicted input of a tiny minority group.
The numbers opposing the closure were recorded by council officers at the two Hub community consultation meetings (reportedly closer to 120) and that seems to have been totally ignored.
Additionally, it is unsatisfactory that whilst some councillors reported receiving many emails of support for the closure, no numbers were given and those emails were not tabled or verified for authenticity.
The fact is that the ratepayers demanded a business case to warrant closure.
Council made two attempts to present a business case to the community, but each time failed to be convincing.
This view was later endorsed by at least one councillor, who was privy to all the detail from the inside, felt the lack of a valid business case and to her credit voted against the closure.
We are dealing with an asset here which Inverloch does not wish to lose and which should not be treated flippantly for the purpose of recording an environmental legacy.
This matter certainly needs thorough investigation and review by the new council. Again something I will press for if elected.
Mohan de Run, Candidate for Bunurong Ward, Inverloch.