INVERLOCH’S Rebecca Slavin will embark on a fundraising bike ride at the end of October to raise funds for Sydney Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation organisation, ONE80TC.
The 24 year-old, who has overcome ice addiction after 15 months at the Teen Challenge Rehabilitation Centre in Esperance, Western Australia, will ride 194km from Sydney to the Hunter Valley on October 28 and 29 as a way of giving back to the organisations that helped save her life.
Teen Challenge is closely linked with the ONE80TC organisation and helps support those with similar stories to Rebecca.
The ONE80TC program is funded through donations, sponsorships, grants, foundations, fundraising and client fees.
She said her ride is one of the major fundraisers for students to get into a rehabilitation program and change their lives.
“I have much gratitude towards Teen Challenge, it saved my life,” she said.
“Making sure the doorway is open for people who are stuck in addiction is important, but it’s only possible with the help of the community.
“I’m living proof that Teen Challenge works. There’s an 86 per cent success rate in Australia for Teen Challenge.
“It makes it possible for people, because you can be supported by Centrelink, so it’s not going to cost you $30,000 for 30 days.
“Addiction already destroys families but it’s not going to destroy their bank account as well.
“That’s why they rely on the funding and the support of communities. People need to realise that they don’t know who their support may reach.”
Since overcoming her addiction, Rebecca has focused on maintaining a healthy lifestyle and is trying to help educate others through a series of guest speaker appearances.
She is looking forward to the event, which will see her ride 146km on day one and 48km on day two.
“It’s going to be a really big challenge for me, but I feel really committed and I have about six weeks to smash out training,” she said.
To donate to Rebecca’s fundraising efforts, visit