MORE than 78 women were killed across Australia in 2015 due to domestic violence, a number that members of the Bass Coast community are looking to reduce.
Emma Baido, who works closely with the Share the Dignity women’s project, is spreading the message throughout the community that more needs to be done to help women and vulnerable people in need.
“We’re working to raise funds and awareness for the victims of domestic violence,” Emma said.
To raise awareness of the #istandup campaign, Emma dropped by the Vertical Addiction aerial athletics studio in Wonthaggi on Tuesday, September 20, to chat to the members about the campaign.
Dana Irving from the studio said members more than happy to pledge their support to the campaign.
“It’s such a great cause, there’s no reason why we wouldn’t be all for it,” Dana said.
First Constable Jarred Keefe and Constable Christian Mellican also paid a visit to the studio to support the campaign.
“It’s a good cause, and we’re happy to support it,” Const Keefe said.
Taking place on Friday, October 14, the #istandup campaign aims to raise funds which will go towards Share the Dignity, and will also be used to help pay for the funerals of victims killed in an act of domestic violence.
The #istandup challenge involves participating teams and individuals to physically stand for an entire day at work, school, and social occasions; with no sitting at any time.
All funds generated will be donated to Share the Dignity to help fund its programs across the state.
Share the Dignity works across Victoria to supply feminine hygiene products to vulnerable women who are affected by family violence, homelessness and poverty.
“A big project that we’re currently working on is the implementation of Share the Dignity vending machines in bathrooms,” Emma said.
“We’re working towards installing these machines in public bathrooms and poverty stricken schools.”
To find out more information about the Share the Dignity campaign or the #istandup challenge, visit the website at