The term “grass roots” football is used by many, especially those at the highest level of administration of our great game.
The reality is “grass roots” football is clubs such as those left in the Alberton Football League as they are the heart and soul of their local communities.
Volunteers give hundreds of hours to encourage and educate our next generation of AFL stars to the highest skill level.
Local kids get to experience a club environment with the grounding of being part of a football family community.
The decision to reduce the Alberton Football League to seven teams could see these clubs struggle to survive.
Our clubs, many with a 125 year history, have survived many difficult times facing wars, hardship and tragedy over many generations.
During these years we have built on our traditional rivals and continued to put teams out on the ground.
How do we now survive the AFL Gippsland decisions and their high handed attitude that does not encourage our clubs, players and volunteers into the future?
Show me the support for “grass roots football” in the form of a lifeline to the Alberton Football League.
Marilyn Flett, Foster.