Well at last a sitting Bass Coast councillor has come out of the bunker and tried to justify all the bad decisions made by this current crop.
Cr Rankine, who only got into council on former Cr John Duscher’s second preferences, has tried to justify all the bad decisions made since 2012 in his letter to the editor of last week.
And I’ll list just a few of these bad decisions – shutting the highly successful Wonthaggi Information Centre, bumping up all the rates excessively, closing the Inverloch transfer station, the waste of ratepayers’ money on the Surf Parade Inverloch chicane and the $500,000 wasted on the special charge scheme.
Cr Rankine is always looking back over his shoulder instead of looking ahead to the future of the shire.
What a hide! Anyway we’ll see how many supporters this current lot have, at the well-publicised protest rally being organised by the Bass Coast Ratepayers and Residents Association at the Inverloch Reserve on Sunday, October 2, at noon.
Let’s give this council the biggest vote of disapproval ever, at the October election and remember to put sitting councillors last on your ballot papers.
There’s two down so far but five more to go, in cleaning out this mob.
We want a new broom through council, so that the administration will also get the message, that they can’t fool all the people all the time.
Keep up your letters to the local and metropolitan papers, the radio stations and the TV channels to voice your disapproval about this council.
Ross Smith, Inverloch.