To my dismay, I read the recent articles in the Sentinel-Times about the South Gippsland Conservation Society’s calls to close the Inverloch tip, and the Bass Coast Shire Council’s decision to actually close it.
I rushed out to the tip (transfer station) to witness the environmental disaster that had occurred at the place my mates and I had spent so many exciting days of our childhood, scrounging through the discarded property of the residents of what was the sleepy seaside resort of Inverloch.
One day I found a complete working gramophone which I took to school and gave to my music teacher Mrs Arthur. She was thrilled with it, but I digress.
To my surprise, all I found was a couple of strategically placed night cans (dunny cans) and a couple of pieces of what could or could not have been asbestos.
I thought asbestos had to be ingested into the lung to do harm, and as far as I know, fish don’t have lungs, but I admit I’m no piscatorial specialist.
So that leads me to think that the conservation society’s expert, Ed Thexton, must have had many occasions in his 30 years where he over-exaggerated the dangers of those metropolitan tips, ensuring their closure, leaving the door open for him to step in with a plan to spread a few truckloads of topsoil, plant some grass and a few shrubs and collect a handsome cheque.
Now, here’s the rub. Mr Thexton is the BFF of none other than the soon to be ex-Mayor Jordan Crugnale. As shown by her wrangling of the crowd at The Hub meeting recently, that instead of her representing the ratepayers who elected her, she was working with shire officials to have the tip closed (I wonder who will get the clean-up contract at the transfer station?) .
Here comes the sinister bit. The council OK’d the subdivision adjacent to the transfer station well before the supposed canvassing of residents about the depot’s closure.
Also, the real estate agents have been selling blocks for two years with an assurance that the depot was being closed.
So much for the 95 per cent of ratepayers who want to keep it open!
So for those who can’t get their rubbish over to Wonthaggi, drop it off at Ed’s place. He should be able to solve that environmental problem!
Mark Horrocks, Inverloch.