I want to write about the planned closure of the Inverloch Transfer Station by the Bass Coast Shire Council.
Whilst currently I am not a resident of Inverloch or the Bass Coast Shire, I did live in Inverloch for three years and then in Wonthaggi for another four years and have close connections with family land nearby.
I understand the inconvenience issues being raised by members of the community due to the closure plans.
Convenience is a relative thing.
Within a 15 to 20 minute drive of Inverloch you have options to deposit your rubbish at either the Wonthaggi or Koonwarra sites.
I feel the inconvenience that some will experience will be far outweighed by the potential social and environmental benefits that could come from a well-planned and resourced area of public land.
The decision to close the transfer station, whether you are in favour of it or against, provides some amazing opportunities for a transformation of this area.
There are numerous examples that exist of creative rehabilitation works on land which was previously used as a landfill site.
The City of Darebin has developed the ‘All Nations Park’ in Northcote.
Once a landfill site, this area has been transformed into an amazing community open space park, engaging residents and providing a positive interactive landscape experience for community members.
Along the Merri Creek in East Brunswick, the award winning Ceres Environmental Park is situated on a site that was once quarried for basalt and then subsequently used to dump rubbish.
Now the site is a centre for high quality environmental educational, research activities and commerce.
Both these sites are worth a visit, or at least having a look at websites linked to them online.
These examples may seem “pie in the sky” to some, however there is no reason why the public land surrounding the Inverloch Transfer Station site could not be transformed into a positive, interactive area of open space.
Inverloch has what a lot of the city areas only dream of; public space that is directly linked to a vegetated waterway like Screw Creek which flows into an amazing inlet like our Anderson Inlet.
I would hope the leaders within the Bass Coast Shire are able to engage the community and guide the process of developing this area of land into a really positive and inviting space to enhance the natural beauty of Inverloch and provide residents and visitors alike with an uplifting place to enjoy.
Geoff Trease, Kardella.