THERE’S no need to have dairy cattle, or beef cattle for that matter, crossing the road between paddocks after the Victorian Government announced a new $3 million round of cattle underpass funding.
The additional funding for the Cattle Underpass Scheme has been made possible after the Andrews Government leased the Port of Melbourne for more than $9.7billion.
And as much as the measure is for safety in the potentially hazardous workplace, it’s also a road safety response as well.
“Dairy and beef farmers around Victoria can apply for grants of up to $50000 to enable them to move stock across their property unhindered by dangerous road crossings, particularly during peak milking times,” Victorian treasurer Tim Pallas said recently.
He said cattle underpasses improve safety for all road users, and boost workplace safety for farmers, their families and employees.
“Underpasses also increase farm efficiency by reducing the time it takes to move stock and remove impediments to the expansion of dairy farms and the growth of our internationally competitive dairy sector,” he said.
Keeping cattle off the road, whether that’s by increasing the number of cattle underpasses, or maintaining boundary fences to a high standard can go a long way to removing a worrying hazard of country roads.