LEONGATHA Police are asking drivers to pay attention to the new traffic lights in Leongatha, and to be patient while works are being undertaken to the site.
The new traffic lights at the intersection of Ogilvy Street and Koonwarra Road have caused confusion with drivers since their installation in the past few weeks.
Senior Constable Don Haw said that drivers need to pay attention to what the lights are actually indicating before attempting to make a right hand turn.
“The main issue some people are having with those lights is that they are expecting a green arrow to turn right. These lights don’t have that, so if you’re turning right and you have a green light, you still have to give way to the oncoming traffic,” Snr Constable Haw said.
“People see that green light and then they just go. You have to pull out into the middle of the intersection, then when it is clear and safe, proceed with the turn.
“You may have more of a chance of seeing these kinds of sequences in more metropolitan areas.
“In the absence of a green arrow, drivers turning right can enter the intersection and then must give way to oncoming traffic.
“As a whole, we are just asking people to be patient while these works are being undertaken. Traffic is going to get busier and busier, especially with holiday traffic, so please take care and be considerate.”