I noticed an ad in the Sentinel-Times by a Wonthaggi rental appliance organisation and as I was researching using the rental or purchase option for replacing my laptop I decided to wander into the store in Wonthaggi to discuss this option.
I walked into the Plaza, where I thought the shop would be, but no one in the Plaza had any idea where the shop was.
So I decided to go for a walk to find the store. What a good decision – as I walked into the store I was greeted with an amazing smile by Lisa Hogan and in the short conversation that we had I got all the information I needed in a very professional, yet friendly, charming and knowledgeable way.
I have not used the rental for appliances in the past and I walked away with all the information I needed to make an informed decision and she was very open to my suggestions as well.
If there was a higher rate than 100 per cent for the service that the shop provided me I would want to give them that.
The shop is on the outside of the plaza next to the CentreLink office.
The name of the store is Local Appliance and Rentals. So if you are in the market for renting any item, please call into the store and you will not regret it no matter what decision you make.
I am very passionate about customer service as that has been my profession for over 40 years and it is a very important role in any organisation.
You are the face of the organisation and how you interact with clients reflects the nature of the organisation and affects the decision the client will make when they walk out your store.
Thank you Lisa and I wish your business every success it deserves and for the pleasure of meeting with you.
Dilene Hinton, Inverloch.