THE Ruby straight section of the 20 between Leongatha and Korumburra will be resealed over the summer months.
Gippsland South MP Danny O’Brien raised in Parliament in August concerns about the poor state of the rebuilt section of road which some local residents have dubbed “the rollercoaster”.
“I took the issue up with the Roads Minister because I had a number of people comment to me, and had noticed myself, that this newly rebuilt section of road was in poor condition already.
“The surface is uneven and quite bumpy. I don’t believe this is good enough given the money spent on this new piece of road, which ironically enough was the site of the Minister’s announcement last year of state-wide funding for road works.
“I’ve now received a response from the Minister which advises that the reconstruction works on the highway were impacted by cold and wet weather in May which prevented the pavement from being completed to VicRoads’ ‘satisfaction’.”
The Minister has advised that VicRoads has been monitoring the work over winter and as summer approaches will remove the existing seal and relay the top layer.
“I’m no engineer or expert and I’m not sure if that will be enough to fix the underlying problems with this road, but at the very least it’s a start.”
Mr O’Brien said the South Gippsland Highway was a key focus for him and it needed additional funding spent.
“I’m pleased the Federal Government has committed $25 million to upgrade the South Gippsland Highway and I look forward to State matching this commitment as soon as possible, particularly given the windfall achieved by the Port of Melbourne lease which has given the government nearly a billion dollars to spend on country roads.
“We have also launched a campaign ‘Fix Country Roads, Save Country Lives’ and I encourage local residents to report poor sections of road to me so that we can forward a list of works to the State Government.
“Photos and locations should be sent to me at”