On returning from our trip up north I looked through the several weeks of papers and noted how Cr Hill and Cr Mc Ewan have used excessive ratepayer’s funds to promote themselves as candidates for shire elections.
Yes, we as rate payers are asking these gentlemen to repay the money back to the shire.
Don Hill, as councillor for the Tarwin Valley Ward, is not known to many residents in this area but recently local residents have received a flood of promotional material at resident’s front doors.
The ‘How to Vote’ card authorised by Don Hill reminds me of a step ladder – a way of climbing to the top.
I do respect the candidates who are prepared to stand. We live in a democratic country. Thank heavens.
When voting, we the ratepayers look at the balance of skills provided by our councillors. As a councillor it is a big responsibility and one needs excellent management skills, and a good understanding of Local Government requirements and policies.
Shire councillors are appointed by ratepayers with the purpose of assisting management and responding to the residents needs in the shire and not to promote one’s own ego.
The South Gippsland Shire is going through a big transformation of major developments of Korumburra and Leongatha, plus the rebuilding of the Welshpool Jetty.
I know we all have a whinge about Local Government but we must all work together for the future of our shire.
My view for the Tarwin Valley Ward is to retain both Nigel Hutchinson-Brooks and Jim Fawcett and elect Maxine Kiel as a new councillor. These three people will provide a balance of experience, professionalism and business skills for the South Gippsland Shire Council.
Ed Hanley, Dumbalk.