The reason the old-school majority block in council have resorted to scurrilous personal attacks and accusations of “dummy candidates” and “stooges” being fielded is that they have no real policies, and no long term vision to take our communities forward in a tough global environment.
We are independent women and independent thinkers who judge each situation on its merits; and we care very deeply about the future of our shire.
What we stand for is a safe environment for all present and future generations.
To do that we must build resilience against global warming, rebuild our environment and reduce the wastage of limited resources that can see our economy brought to its knees.
Local government has a key role to play in this challenge.
To turn our current predicament around will require restraint, a new vision and a return to some of the values that our grandparents espoused – the old fashioned values of selflessness, hard work and good economic management.
It also needs new values for the 21st century – those of science and evidence based decision making, environmental awareness, a fair distribution of resources across all communities; teamwork, community engagement and capabilities to solve complex problems.
It does not need a culture of negativity and bullying in a vision-free zone. A vote for us is a vote for you, our children, our grandchildren and our communities – our future depends upon it.
Rosemary Cousin, Allambee South; Di Tod, Koorooman; candidates for Tarwin Valley Ward.