I thought Korumburra was a big enough town to warrant a branch of the NAB and no doubt with their closure there will be a lot more smaller towns losing their branches.
It is about the money, irrelevant of what their ads say but individuals and communities have the power and the choices.
For instance a mass closure of all accounts at the branch by all those that will be inconvenienced by this closure, refinancing with other banks, moving accounts to another local bank and if the suggestion by the NAB is to use electronic banking what about one of the smaller banks as they offer so many better options. NAB is not the only choice.
Changes have to happen, but NAB you are forgetting a percentage of your customers that have invested in your profits over a long period of time and may not now be able to drive to another branch or have access to electronic banking.
But then again there is no such thing as loyalty and that works both ways and perhaps have a rethink about those ads!
Power back to individuals and communities.
Dilene Hinton, Inverloch.