With the recent council elections now decided, I would like to thank all those people in the community who supported my campaign.
Although the final outcome was disappointing from a personal perspective, I believe the result was extremely positive for the future of South Gippsland Shire communities and the municipality as a whole.
The outcome of the election has clearly indicated that the community was uncomfortable with the performance of council during the past few years. During discussions with many ratepayers and residents, there were clear messages on various issues that need review and change.
These include the Municipal Precinct Project, the size of the council bureaucracy, the unfair distribution of the council’s rating strategy (vacant land and the declaration of farmland less than 48 acres as residential) and the restrictions on an owner’s ability to build a dwelling on land less than 100 acres.
With the unprecedented change that has occurred, there will be increased scrutiny of the performance of our new council.
I hope this council will have the intestinal fortitude to stand up to the bureaucrats and make policy amendments/decisions that will improve outcomes for the community.
Thank you.
Ian Nicholas, Outtrim.