BASS Coast Shire councillors Clare Le Serve and Geoff Ellis both agree something must be done about the lack of fencing around the playground at Grantville.
“There have always been requests for the playground to be fenced,” says Helen Zervopoulos of the Grantville and District Ratepayers and Residents Association.
“We are very behind getting a fence put up and there is a petition circulating at the moment.
“What we’d like council to do is get a few quotes and if we have to fundraise for them to come on board we’re happy to do that,” she said.
Now it seems at least two councillors are listening.
“I think this is a great park and a great space for families,” Cr Le Serve said.
“It is a concern being so close to the road. On a personal level, I have found it very difficult with young grandchildren to chase them because they think it’s fun to keep running.
“In my own family, we chose not to use this park,” she said.
Cr Ellis agrees.
“I would just like to point out that the ropes around this playground would be more of an obstacle for me because my grandchildren could duck underneath but I would have to run all the way around.
“From that bench over there you are only 50 paces to the very busy Bass Highway.”
Cr Le Serve said the council and the community can work together to get the desired result.
“We need to relook at the council’s policy on playgrounds.
“We need to meet with the community and hear their concerns. The last thing any of us want is a tragedy. That would be devastating to all of us.”
Cr Le Serve will be seeking to have a policy briefing on it as soon as possible.