It was instructive to learn from Bill Robertson last week that Wonthaggi paid for the Wonthaggi swimming pool, now known as the Bass Coast Aquatic and Leisure Centre, and that the then Shire of Phillip Island did not contribute.
But since the amalgamation in 1994, Phillip Island has been paying nearly half the rates received by the Bass Coast Shire Council.
This means that in making a decision between refurbishing the Wonthaggi facility and building a new one on the Island, the new council needs to take into account that island ratepayers have now been contributing to Bass Coast Shire coffers for 22 years.
A sensible guideline would therefore be to build a pool on Phillip Island, then later refurbish Wonthaggi.
In this way, Wonthaggi swimmers would at least have a pool available while theirs was closed for the renovation.
Phyllis McKenzie, Sunset Strip.