DESTINATION Phillip Island (DPI) and the tourism sector have welcomed the signing of a Sustainable Tourism Accord following Bass Coast Shire Council’s development of the Phillip Island and San Remo Visitor Economy Strategy 2035.
The strategy provides vision for the long term viability, as well as social, economic and environmental sustainability, of its visitor economy.
DPI has worked closely with the council and Phillip Island Nature Parks to deliver the 20 year vision.
The accord involving the council, Phillip Island Nature Parks and the Destination Phillip Island Regional Tourism Board is a priority action of the strategy.
The accord was signed at the recent visitor economy conference and commits the leading organisations to work in good faith to support the delivery of outcomes of the strategy.
“Phillip Island Nature Parks is delighted to support as appropriate, the successful delivery of the outcomes identified in the Phillip Island and San Remo Visitor Economy Strategy 2035,” Nature Parks CEO Matthew Jackson said.
“As a signatory to the accord, we look forward to working with Bass Coast Shire Council and the Destination Phillip Island Regional Tourism Board.”
Board chairman John Pandazopoulos said linking the accord to the strategy the opportunity will drive positive outcomes for the region and its economy going forward.
“Whilst the partnerships exist it is a positive step to have the linking accord.”
Bass Coast Shire CEO Paul Buckley said the council was pleased to be working with PINP and DPI to ensure the long term viability and sustainability of Phillip Island and San Remo, whilst recognising the importance of the community and the natural environment.
“We’d like to thank our community and visitors, as well as significant stakeholders, for contributing to the final strategy.
“The timing of both the launch of the Strategy and signing of the accord could not be better, with significant investments recently completed or ready to start across Phillip Island and San Remo,” Mr Buckley said.
The key principles the partners will support in good faith are for the Visitor Economy for Phillip Island and San Remo that:
1. Will not only preserve but enhance Phillip Island and San Remo’s natural environment through sustainable development and management practices.
2. Will seek to enhance the lifestyle of the local community of Phillip Island and San Remo through creating certainty of employment, supporting community facilities, enhancing conservation, and supporting local events.
3. Will foster continued job creation and workforce retention through an increased demand for skilled, quality people.
4. Will improve the economic value of the region by focussing investment and marketing activity on extending visitor length of stay – shifting day trips to overnight visits.
5. Will focus on helping to diversify the region’s market mix to promote year-round visitation opportunities, alleviate nonpeak visitation troughs and promote dispersal.
Full copies of the Strategy are available on the Bass Coast Shire Council website