MUM of two lively toddlers, Grantville’s Kathryn Cox can’t take her kids to the Grantville playground on her own. It’s unfenced and too close to the busy Bass Highway.
“I have a one and a two year old, they are both running and walking and I cannot use this playground by myself because they just go in different directions and there’s no fence here and we’re on a highway,” Kathryn said.
“This playground is on prime real estate in the middle of Grantville and it’s useless to us.
“It’s been brought up before with the Memorial Parks Committee years ago which has now been disbanded.
“It was rejected at that time by the council because they thought parents wouldn’t watch their children properly but I want that fence so I can look after my children properly.”
Jodi Kennedy, the Bass Coast Shire Council’s strategic planning manager, said the council’s Playground Plan 2010-2015 provides clear direction regarding the provision of playground facilities in Bass Coast.
“In regards to fencing, the plan states that ‘fencing/barriers in playgrounds will only be provided if there is a clearly demonstrated need for safety and use of landscape will be preferred where possible.
“Council has been reviewing is Playground plan and has prepared a draft Playspace Strategy 2016-2026.
“Public consultation on this strategy began on January 9 at the Bass Coast Agricultural Show and it was on exhibition for comment from July 25 until August 29, 2016.
“The Draft Strategy, states that ‘When designing, upgrading or renewing playspaces, careful consideration should be given to its aspect, in particular the opportunity to set playspaces back away from any accessible road or water body, so that additional fencing or barriers are not necessarily required.
“Council does acknowledge that in some circumstances fencing is required, however in this instance it has been assessed as not appropriate,” Ms Kennedy said.