The recent election result was not an “emphatic demonstration of the community’s rejection of the previous council’s performance and approach”, as proposed by Mr Kevin Griffin, but rather a demonstration of how the democratic process can be prostituted by extremist interest groups to push their own agenda.
Mr Griffins’ Ratepayers Association and their “over the bridge” cohorts Stand Alone (along with the help of a complicit local newspaper) ran a disgraceful hate filled campaign, refusing to acknowledge any of the 67 major objectives achieved by the CEO with the support of the previous council.
Mr Griffin and Stand Alone stacked the recent ballot paper with more puppets than a Punch and Judy pantomime.
With the preferences of so many dummy “contenders” stacked against incumbents, the consequence was that, even though three sitting councillors polled significantly higher than their nearest rivals, these hardworking and balanced candidates were ousted.
This is not democracy in action; this is not what the community expects.
When the people see how democracy can be so easily abused for personal perversions they lose respect for the process; they disengage and the concept that all people that stand for public office are somehow corrupt is the belief that prevails.
Mr Griffin and his Stand Alone friends have contributed to this demise.
If Mr Griffin or Stand Alone assumes that the rest of the community will now magically fall into line and support their candidates, they are sadly mistaken.
Thank God that the Victorian Electoral Commission is reviewing the nomination process.
Comments made by Mr Griffin that “the new council team has immediately acknowledged the need to review some of the poor decisions taken by the previous council” are like most of his comments, at best described as a distortion of the truth.
I understand that new one new councillor, Stephen Fullerton has stated that he wants a review the waste contract awarded by the previous council.
This review will be the first waste of time/money this new council will make.
All Mr Fullerton needs to do is to read the relevant reports in the context of what is required by the State Government to understand that the approved contract was the best proposal on offer.
Mr Griffins’ Stand Alone friends will now screaming for their pound of flesh in order to finance the many outrageous Donald Trump-like promises made to the Island Ward for everything from a new Phillip Island Shire, a new Phillip Island landfill, a new Phillip Island school, a new fully funded Phillip Island Aquatic Centre, more infrastructure for Phillip Island as well as fireworks for Cowes on New Year’s Eve… all in the context of rate capping!
I guess the Wonthaggi, Inverloch, San Remo, Grantville and the rest of the shire will just have to go without for the next four years. You created this Mr Griffin; let the games begin.
Robbie J Viglietti, Grantville.