When I decided to make the move from Leongatha to Inverloch it was a conscious choice to rent instead of purchasing a property.
A decision because I did not want to ground myself once again into a rural town and decide in a couple of years that it was not the right thing for me and owning a property is not my priority at the moment.
I love Inverloch, it has a great community, it has a wonderful atmosphere and environment, I enjoy being here and I am grateful for the lifestyle and friends I have here.
However, as I had not rented since the late 70s this was a whole new experience for me.
What I learnt from the process was the rental staff at estate agents have a very different attitude to the staff in sales and I do not understand why that has to be the case.
Whilst I understand from the underrated rental properties I viewed in Inverloch that sometimes renters do not respect the properties, now that I am on that platform I have realised that if renters are shown respect and the agents and owners play their part in keeping a property rentable and treat rental clients no different to purchasers, I think it will be a different scenario.
I will also never understand the concept of renting a property and having it on the market at the same time. What’s that? You either want to rent your property or sell it and perhaps keeping it vacant until you sell or living in it yourself is a more respectful way rather than expecting renters to have prospective buyers marching into their private lives!
It is so uncomfortable for the purchaser as well as the tenant. Everything is not about money. There has to be a level of consideration!
Front desk and the agent you make contact with and take you around the properties whether for rental or purchase makes a very big impact on whether the property will be successfully rented or purchased and agencies need to recognise that when employing your rental as well as sales staff.
I have also had the privilege of meeting a couple of professional, yet respectful agents and they truly make the others look inferior.
I have worked in customer service for over 40 years and am passionate about delivering the best service irrelevant of the nature of the client. Front desk and the person you have to deal with says a lot about an organisation and affects the decision the smart renters or purchasers will make.
So please give a damn about the service you provide. I also take the opportunity to thank rental and sales staff at only a couple of agencies that have treated me with respect.
I am not sure whether a lot of people are like me rather than chasing a few dollars that I can save in renting or purchasing a property, I will rather ignore that aspect for the way I am treated as a client.
Oh! The reality of real estate.
Dilene Hinton, Inverloch.