I took a great risk the other day while driving back from Foster along the Turtons Creek road. On the way I passed a group of campers, free souls, who were escaping from the current madding crowd. We all know what these traveller types are like, a confrontation is very possible if one stops.
I risked the worst possible situation, stopped and approached a middle aged lady who promptly moved away; I was obviously a threat. However her daughter was more welcoming resulting in a pleasant chat. How wrong can a person be? I asked her opinion of the camping site and the Turtons Creek river valley. She responded enthusiastically by praising “this special place” which she said her family visited often. She particularly wanted natural places to take her young daughter.
This, of course, pleased me very much, it provided the opportunity to explain about my years of effort to protect and build this lovely and valuable valley. The river, the native trees and wild life is a great social asset. I suggested she might consider writing to the South Gippsland shire stressing the importance of such facilities. This, I said, was particularly important at this time of change. The shire and the Hancocks logging company were establishing a dialogue which, hopefully, promote environment changes beneficial to everyone.
Now we have a new council we must democratically put pressure to bear upon the powers to be, they must consider a broader range of social needs. The peoples’voice must be heard and the officials must listen. If the public hear my little voice they should contact the officiating officer and state strongly their opinion. The shire needs your guidance and support. “Ring Paul Stampton”.
Ron Brown, Turtons Creek.