$175,000 each for Rec Centre and soccer facilities

KORUMBURRA’S sporting facilities are set for a big boost following last Thursday’s Community Capital Works where the community could decide where $400,000 of South Gippsland Shire Council funding is spent.
Those at the meeting settled on allocating $175,000 to the Korumburra Rec Centre, $175,000 to the Korumburra Recreation Reserve (principally for the soccer) and $20,000 to a picnic and rotunda for the western entrance to the town.
Here are some of the notes from the meeting:

Community idea #1  presented by Dave Hurst
“Korumburra Soccer Club Cricket Club ground could do with some much needed funds to turn the grounds into a safer area. The oval is in much need of funding for the many people who use it – 111 playing members for soccer and 30 social members. $130,000 and up is needed. Additional lighting should be upgraded, and a safe area for air ambulance to land. Public toilets at the oval are also required as this is the only facility in the town that does not provide toilets for people.
The council’s Tony Peterson responded: “$200,000 would be needed for the oval; $150,000 for extra lighting and $80,000-plus for the toilets – could spend $1/2 million there easily. Grants could be available, especially if you can include services to women’s sports. The soccer pitches could be pushed away from the turf wicket if the oval was a bit bigger.
“How will the community respond to this? They already have responded well to it online and in the numbers who use it in winter and summer (cricket). Could use the hall better as well.”

Community idea#2  presented by Chris Amor
“Korumburra Tennis Club facility upgrades and court repairs; $70,000 needed to fully repair courts (the bottom three courts), and upgrade the clubhouse. There are more teams this year, especially younger people and we want to try to get the club back up to where it used to be but we are being held back by the three bottom courts which are in bad condition.
The courts are going to be available for everyone. The plan is to turn the courts from en tout cas to Plexipave or synthetic grass. The whole project will cost $150,000 and we could talk to Tennis Victoria for a contribution and some money raised by ourselves.
Ned Dennis from the council: “The figures given on turning the courts into a hard surface or a synthetic grass is about the right cost. There are some drainage issues down there as well.
“Also you would want to get a strategic plan first so that you know where you are going and what is coming up in the future. You would want to find $150,000 to $200,000 so you don’t have to be going back time and time again”

Community idea #3 presented by Carl Baido
Funds to be spent on the upgrade of the Korumburra Indoor Rec Centre to include the building of a third court connected to the existing facility to cater for the growing needs of high level sport within the South Gippsland area in particular basketball and netball.
“It would need all the $400,000 for this project, and then we’d try to attract government funding. It would be located on the car park area.
“We have six VJBL teams entered in the State competition. Korumburra basketball is growing and we are the centre of South Gippsland and Bass Coast. It was built in the 1980s and needs to be upgraded.
“There are 400 registered users and high level CBL is played attracting good crowds to that. A record number of 125 teams played in the recent basketball tournament.
“It’s a multipurpose building, but ceiling height is too low for volleyball and not enough runoff for netball.”
Tony Peterson: “The actual project cost would be closer to $1.5 million and that doesn’t include audience viewing, car parking etc.
Ned Dennis: “It’s extremely competitive in bidding for funds in this sector. The Wonthaggi recreation centre project would come ahead of us in this area.”

Community project #4  presented by Jenni Keerie
Create a Korumburra Skate Park/Youth Precinct. Redevelop the skate park site in a new location, opposite IGA adjoining rail land.
Planning is already going ahead to redesign the skate park. There will be a budget for it down the track but will take several years to get it ready.
“It’s been a great partnership with the show society but it’s time to move on. Kids have been really good in putting forward their ideas. “We’ve already had $10,000 for the concept plan. Next stage is to go out and look for funding. We could use some money to get started.”
Ned Dennis: “The concept plans are very advanced. Looking at a $250,000 build all-up. It’s relatively easy to do and would be able to attract funding because no competing facility of that kind. At Leongatha (new skate park) there are scores of people using it all the time. The bonus of this site is that it is publicly visible so people can see what is going on.”

Community project #5  presented by Terry Waycott
Utilise the $400,000 allocated as seed funding to install a safe walking/bike link to Korumburra Secondary School from the town centre. “I’d like to see some funding towards it at least. It is used by the public and students.
“It should have been done progressively over the years. Also, it’s not a very attractive entrance. Andrew McEwen said this should be in the normal funding by council of capital works and could also come from developer contribution.”
Tony Peterson: “It needs to be a 2m wide path. Dual use would cost $900,000 all the way into town or $630,000 to Radovick Street. Less to Guys Road which is the priority.”
About 20 people attended the Korumburra meeting convened by the shire and facilitated by Matthew Gordon of Your Say.