Some unsuccessful council candidates or their supporters have blamed the voting system for their loss.
I believe the proportional system used (if there is more than one vacancy) is the fairest way and is used everywhere in Victoria and perhaps Australia.
Preferential is used if there is one vacancy.
Note: There is a video of the systems on the internet.
First past the post does not fairly represent voters’ wishes; eg 9000 voters, Candidate A gets 15 per cent of 1350 votes, meaning 7650 voters did not want him or her.
If the proportional system got you elected previously you cannot blame it now for missing out.
Perhaps the things to look at are:
• proposed spending of 32 million on a shire precinct when we have numerous empty buildings in Leongatha and Korumburra.
• the majority block against worthwhile suggestions, eg: keep rates at 2.5 per cent can’t be done – well it has happened.
• reeling in top heavy administration, eg: six grand a week plus perks for the CEO.
• Coal Creek selling a shed for $1, “quite legal” but didn’t pass the pub, private or community group test.
• a councillor threatening another, eg: if you don’t change your vote I won’t vote for your proposals. I wonder if that was blackmail, bribery or bullying. I don’t know, but I think it cost a lot of votes.
No local councillors for the three major towns could be a good thing as the small farming communities are the life blood of South Gippsland and need more support.
The unsigned leaflet comparing elections to a horse race didn’t work. In fact, I think it backfired. Perhaps the anonymous Mr or Mrs could do a post-election one.
I wish the incoming and outgoing councillors all the best.
• On a lighter note and tongue in cheek, enjoy your motor home Bob; I know it will be in good condition, and not just a coat of jam.
Nev Smith, Korumburra.