LOCAL police are encouraging motorists to take care at the new pedestrian crossing at Rose Lodge and the Guide Park in Wonthaggi.
Although there have been no reports of incidents at the crossing since it was introduced recently, Acting Sergeant Allan Piening of the Bass Coast Highway Patrol said drivers and pedestrians must approach the crossing with care.
“People aren’t thinking pedestrians are going to cross and with the roundabout so close it’s pretty busy,” he said.
“We need to make people more aware that people are crossing. Obviously there’s Rose Lodge and the park, so either way people are going to be crossing.
“The elderly can be slow so we need to give them a chance to cross the road safely.”
He said pedestrians and drivers must show common courtesy on the road.
“Even though pedestrians have got a walk way, they still need to be aware of the cars coming through and car drivers need to be aware of pedestrians,” he said.
“If they’re both aware of each other, we shouldn’t have any problems.
“If you see a car coming, don’t try and race it across the path and if a car sees a pedestrian on the crossing, don’t try and race it across the crossing.”