I am concerned at the apparent apathy and recklessness of many drivers in the area.
Recently I was behind a farm vehicle on the highway between Leongatha and the saleyards heading towards Meeniyan, when cars behind overtook both of us and in the process crossed an unbroken line.
I have also been overtaken in similar circumstances over double lines on the same highway. With the many blind bends and crests on this road this is a potentially dangerous practice, as often oncoming traffic is not visible till almost too late.
Please everyone, while you may not truly value your life or the lives of your family members, think of the lives of other road users and their families.
They may be injured or killed due to your method of driving.
I am appalled too at the amount of drivers still using mobile phones too while driving. So please think and drive safely.
Also, try to remember those less fortunate than yourself who battle on pensions and will spend Christmas (like many other days) alone.
I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy and safe time leading up to and especially through the Christmas period.
Sue Cashin, Meeniyan.