Like most of us I’ve joined many clubs over the years but never would I have expected, nor accepted had it been offered, the role of president as soon as I joined.
It doesn’t make sense for anyone to try to run an organisation when they have no experience at all of how it operates.
So how clever are our newly elected councillors at South Gippsland Shire? There’s a lot more at stake here than with your average sporting or social club yet they blithely appoint two novices to the top positions of Mayor and Deputy Mayor!
Now I have nothing against Ray or Maxine but it’s a very tall order to step into these roles with no directly relevant experience.
And it’s not as if there was no viable alternative: one candidate received far more primary votes than any other candidate (37 per cent more than Ray in fact), has years of experience both working in Local Government and as a shire councillor, and more sensible ideas as to how to improve our shire than all the others put together. Yet he’s been frozen out.
The electorate spoke when they threw out nearly all of the old guard at the recent election but if we’re not careful their ghosts may still return to stymie our progress.
I genuinely wish the new council all the best but they don’t seem to be off to an auspicious start.
One thing’s for sure: CEO Tim will be quietly rejoicing that he has novices to manage, rather than the councillors managing him which is the way it should be and what most of us voted for.
Frank Hirst, Ranceby.