The Phillip Island Aquatic Centre Fund Inc committee would like to thank Mr Bill Robertson for his confirmation (Island shire and Wonthaggi pool, Sentinel-Times, November 1) that the residents of Phillip Island, including councillors and officers, were active in the establishment of the Wonthaggi and District Memorial Pool, now the Bass Coast Aquatic and Leisure Centre.
As our feasibility studies have shown, there is the demand for a second aquatic centre in the Bass Coast Shire.
The Bass Coast Shire Council has acknowledged this by passing a motion that there will be two aquatic centres, and adopting an Aquatic Strategy that includes the current Wonthaggi complex and a new centre on Phillip Island.
A working group has identified the site, and architects were due to complete the initial plans in August.
Through the tireless work of our secretary Peter McMahon and others, we are now within reach of achieving our goal – an indoor aquatic centre on Phillip Island.
As soon as the plans are released to the public, we will be in a position to actively seek funding from State and Commonwealth governments, from the Australian Sports Commission and philanthropic organisations and individuals.
However, the bar has been set very high: the residents of Phillip Island are required, by a motion of council, to raise 50 per cent of the funds for Stage 1 (including grants), plus contribute 48 per cent of council funding (through our rates) to the upgrade of the Wonthaggi complex.
We note there is no such 50 per cent requirement for the residents of Wonthaggi and surrounding districts to raise funds for that upgrade.
We are keen to see this clause of the motion rescinded, given that Phillip Island residents have contributed to the Wonthaggi pool through our rates and through the turnstiles for so long.
We urge all nine councillors to consider getting rid of this inequitable motion, to ensure the dream of a second pool in the shire becomes a reality sooner rather than later.
Don Turner, Cape Woolamai.