Paul and Annie Chisholm are passionate about breeding high quality, well cared for Angus beef on their Archies Creek farm. ms035216

ON THEIR farm in Archies Creek, Angus farmers Paul and Annie Chisholm are passionate about providing high quality beef to both the local community and consumers further afield.
Paul and Annie made the switch from a Friesian F1 cross breed to pure Angus in 2011, after purchasing a small herd of 103 heifers.
Since then, they have taken great pride and effort in ensuring that their girls are well bred and well cared for.
For Annie, this is an important part of the process.
“We have a closed herd, and every calf that lands on the ground we look after all the way through their life,” Annie said.
“I’m passionate about looking after the herd, from birth right up to when we take them to be butchered.”
It is this dedication and care bestowed upon their cows that makes Annie’s Angus beef so good.
“We regularly score above 60 in the Meat Standards Australia index, which shows are efforts are paying off,” Annie said.
“Angus is a hardy breed; they can tolerate the extreme heat and cold of South Gippsland. And the cattle keep their condition regardless of the conditions of the land,” Paul said.
“They’re also less susceptible to eye cancer like a lot of other breeds of cattle, so all round they’re a stocky, hardy breed.”
Bulls are purchased locally from Yancowinna in Cape Paterson; another important factor in keeping business local.
With a reputation for flavour and value, Paul and Annie sell their beef to the local community, including at the RACV Resort in Inverloch and Chapman’s Butchers.
“Our point of difference is that the butchers we work with are willing to work closely with the customers to tailor their cuts how they want. It’s really personal, and the butchers have such a high standard,” Annie said.
The husband and wife team personally deliver meat to customers across the community, and even further afield, such as Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula.
A large part of what makes Annie’s Angus so special is their dedication to interacting with the customer, and promoting good quality local produce.
“People like to see the farmer, and meet the farmer who has taken care of their meat before they eat it,” Annie said.
“Talking to the customer is really great for us, too. I want people to be eating nose to tail. I grew up in Ireland where we ate all of the animal, and had liver every Thursday.
“I just hate waste, so that customer interaction, talking about the cuts of meat, is important to me.”
Both Annie and Paul speak passionately about their cattle, and it’s clear that this is the driving force behind the success of their business.
Paul has even been known to nap in the paddock near a calving mother when it’s time to give birth.
“I love the cattle, and calving here on the farm is one of my favourite parts of the whole thing,” Annie said.
“I like to see the cows and calves happy on the farm,” Paul said.
“I enjoy looking after them, and interacting with them closely.
“Our cattle are well-bred and well-fed, and that makes it worth the time and effort.”
Annie’s Angus beef is currently sold wholesale by phoning 0409 789 733, or retail at Chapman’s Meats, 32 Bear Street, Inverloch.