I am privileged to be a member of the Bass Coast Community Foundation Performance Award committee.
This award is given to a student of advanced proficiency in the area of music or dance entering university entering tertiary or national specialist schools.
Some four years ago, a student presented for the audition process and whilst not successful in attaining the full award, the adjudicators saw talent and determination but with some technical issues.
It was decided to offer this student a ‘part award’ to allow him to access some lessons with a number of industry specialists, this he did.
Last week Anthony Foon graduated from Melbourne University with a Bachelor of Music.
Throughout his studies Anthony has performed at such venues as Bennet’s Lane Jazz Club, various recitals and university ensembles as well as finding time in his busy study and performance schedule, to come back his home town band.
In 2017, Anthony will begin his Masters of Teaching Degree which is a testament to his ethos of ‘giving back’.
It is only a matter of time before he will be nurturing his own students, giving them opportunities and creating that infectious environment of learning he has so eagerly embraced.
There are many obstacles for a student who comes from a country town, particularly one with very limited pubic transport opportunities.
It is essential that awards like the BCCF Performance Award are able to be offered.
On behalf of my fellow board members we congratulate Anthony on his graduation and wish him every success with his coming studies.
None of these awards and other projects the foundation funds would be possible without the generous and ongoing support from our community.
This generosity and commitment ensures our young people get the best possible chance at finding their path and travelling the journey of success.
I thank each and every one of you who has supported the Bass Coast Community Foundation. You are responsible for channelling water into a Philanthropic desert, for which I am personally grateful.
It is times like these that we need to stop and realise what a wonderful community we are part of.
Kirk Skinner, chair, Performance Award Committee, Bass Coast Community Foundation.