THE Southern Gippsland Agricultural Climate Resilience Project came to a close recently with a case study and final report launch.
The project delivered the message of ‘planning to be resilient to climate change’ to 20 events which engaged more than 500 people.
A number of workshops were implemented as part of the project that covered a range of topics including agridiversity, financial literacy and biosecurity.
A series of climate change cafes were also delivered, providing an informal setting for farmers to build on their knowledge and develop meaningful partnerships with other farmers facing the same issues.
The project was a joint initiative of South Gippsland Shire Council, Bass Coast Shire Council, Bass Coast Landcare Network and the State Government.
The council’s Sustainability coordinator Geoff McKinnon said he was very pleased with the success of the project and how it has impacted South Gippsland farmers.
“During the project we explored some of the things we thought were the most important about resilience to the weather curve balls that climate change is going to cause.
“We looked at what some of the hero farmers were doing around us and saw that the most resilient had either adapted their practices or were planning to take advantage of some of the positives that may arise from climate change,” Geoff said.
A key theme of the project was that climate change is happening and the agricultural farming community need to ensure they are ready to respond to the changes that are occurring.
South Gippsland Shire Council, Bass Coast Shire Council and the Department of Land, Water and Planning will continue to drive climate change adaption programs from their departments.
Individuals wishing to view the case study videos can visit and for the final report can visit