BASS MP Brian Paynter is calling for Water minister Lisa Neville to cancel the $27 million dollar water order from the desal plant and build the Wonthaggi Education Precinct.
“Storages levels across the state are at 72.5 per cent. It means there is an extra 2.1 billion litres of water available for use than at this time last year.
“Candowie Reservoir is currently sitting on 86.7 per cent full, almost 14 per cent higher than this time last year. There is no need for a water order.”
Mr Paynter has again brought it to the attention of the Minister for Education that the funding for Wonthaggi Secondary College needs to be allocated as soon as possible.
“The $27 million being used for the water order could relocate the senior campus, build the school to the specifications required, including sporting facilities and still have plenty of change.
“Each time I visit the Wonthaggi Secondary School senior campus there are patched walls, areas that are beyond maintenance, classrooms that are long past their use-by date and there is simply nowhere for the students to enjoy their breaks due to cramped conditions.
“There is no point calling Victoria the Education State if the government continues to ignore education but is happy to order water to justify the excessive cost of building the desalination plant in the first place.
“We are not in drought but we have students eager to learn. Cancel the water order and make an announcement to build the Wonthaggi Education Precinct now.”
The community can get involved by signing the online petition at