What a disgrace that the Mayor and her Stand Alone running mate have turned their backs on Phillip Island by voting against the Cowes Cultural Centre redevelopment.
After conducting a vicious election campaign based on distortion, outright lies posted to social media and secret back room deals with Kevin Griffin’s ratepayers association, Stand Alone have slapped the face of their many supporters and consigned the Cowes Cultural Centre redevelopment to the scrapheap.
Our previous council had a fully funded vision; they recognised the need for the evolution of Cowes beyond a cultural backwater reliant on penguins and motorsports.
The centrepiece of their vision was the Cowes Activity Centre Plan and the redevelopment of the Cowes Cultural Centre.
Culture brings money. Money brings jobs, economic security and prosperity.
A cultural centre had a demonstrated economic benefit of 12.7:1.
With the current council obsessed with economic benefit above all else, what are they proposing?
Continuing to fund the economically and environmentally unsustainable Inverloch tip?
Aquatic centres that will be an economic black hole to the community, costing hundreds of thousands of dollars/annum?
I look forward to seeing the economic benefit argument of any proposed new projects. If they do not stack up better that 12.7:1, there will be hell to pay.
It is time for Stand Alone councillor Stephen Fullarton and the Mayor to explain their actions to the people that elected them.
There are over 250 businesses in Cowes. There are currently 60 businesses for sale or lease in Cowes right now; there are over 20 vacant shops.
This is a clear signal that Cowes is an economic basket case.
We need advocacy for business in Cowes right now.
It is time for all businesses to unite and send a clear message to the councillors that the community deserve better.
Robbie J Viglietti, Cowes.