WHEN they look back in history and see Chris Buckland’s name and also his father Craig’s name on the South Gippsland District Golf Association Singles Championships Trophies for 2016, they’ll wonder how it happened.
And the fact that there was a relatively small field entered at the Buckland’s home course of Meeniyan won’t matter.
You can only beat the competition assembled on the day and that’s just what the father and son combination did – Chris winning the main open scratch event, incidentally from another promising junior, 13 year old Isaac Batty of Phillip Island who is another champ in the making.
A change in arrangements and a hastily prepared event caused some of the issues with a smaller than usual field but there was nothing wrong with young Chris’s score of 76 off the stick to claim both open and junior singles titles.
Craig Buckland won the Minor Championship for those on a handicap of 10+.
Results: South Gippsland District Golf Singles Championships. Event No South Gippsland District Champion – 18 Holes C. Evans Shield Chris Buckland (Meeniyan) 76. Event No 2 South Gippsland District Junior Champion – 18 Holes C. Mc Lean Shield Chris Buckland (Meeniyan) 76. Event No 3 South Gippsland Minor Champion – 18 Holes Scratch (10+) R. Carruthers Memorial Shield Craig Buckland (Meeniyan) 82.

Other results:
Event No 4 18 HOLES HANDICAP (0 – 9) Isaac Batty (Phillip Island) 72. Event No 5 18 HOLES HANDICAP (10 +) Peter Gornell (Meeniyan) 67 on c/b from Rob McGeary. Event No 6 9 HOLES HANDICAP (Out) Rob Mc Geary (Meeniyan) 31. Svent No 7 9 HOLES HANDICAP (In) Alan Hayes (Welshpool) 38. Event No 8 Nearest the Pin – 2nd HOLE Bob Mc Geary (Meeniyan). Event No 9 Nearest the Pin – 11th HOLE Alan Hayes (Welshpool).
Balls down the line 18 holes P Gornell 67, R Mc Geary 67, Craig Buckland 69, Chris Buckland 71, Isaac Batty 72, Alan Hayes 74.