MASTER plans have been finalised for the multimillion dollar upgrades for both the Korumburra and Mirboo North outdoor pools.
They have been completed to guide future development at each site as part of the South Gippsland Shire Council’s commitment to improving the recreation facilities in the municipality.
Work at Mirboo North will be first, followed by Korumburra, with each project expected to be completed within five years.
The purpose of the master plans is to outline what improvement works are required to enhance the functionality and public amenity of the two sites.
A number of improvement works have been recommended including:
• Refurbishing the existing pools and replacing the toddler pools with new splash pad play areas
• Improving accessibility by providing all access change rooms and installing new ramps
• Upgrading the reception and kiosk areas
• Upgrading storage and plant facilities
• Grounds beautification through landscaping.
The Mirboo North outdoor pool has also had café style seating and car parking included in its master plan.
The council’s Recreation coordinator Ian Murphy was pleased that the master plans for both facilities had been completed.
“Now that the master plans are complete we have a clear outline of how future works shall progress at each of these two sites.
“This also provides council with the opportunity to seek further funding as applicable grants become available through the State and Federal Governments,” Mr Murphy said.
Individuals wishing to view the master plans can visit and