AS NBN horror stories go, the nightmare that Rod ‘Rocket’ O’Neill, the operator of Wonthaggi packaging and catering supplies firm, Abicor, has had to go through, would be hard to toss.
The important thing now for Abicor’s hundreds of clients across the region to do, is place your orders via Rod’s mobile phone number 0413 684 141.
That’s 0413 684 141!
Because since the NBN got involved, his landline, the lifeline for his supplies ordering business, has been dead.
“They cut it off on October 3 and we haven’t been able to get them to reconnect it ever since,” said Rod this week.
“No one can do that simple thing.
“It’s been an absolute disaster and we’ve lost some of our best customers over it. Wonthaggi Medical Centre kept calling our number and couldn’t raise anyone, so they went elsewhere.
“Just as bad as that though, it’s the people who only call us a few times a year, for toilet paper or packaging or things like that, the smaller operators that we mightn’t even know about; we’ve lost them as well.”
The problem is that neither Telstra nor NBN will take responsibility.
“We had the order in to changeover on a certain day but Telstra couldn’t get NBN to do it on the same day, they don’t seem to talk to each other.
“So the line went off, and due to some glitch in the system it didn’t come back up again.
“Telstra say they can’t do anything and NBN says it’s Telstra’s problem.
“We even had the line back up for a few days and then it dropped out again.”
Rod said he’d tried various patch-ups such as re-routing the calls to his mobile, getting a temporary line and a whole range of short-term, ultimately unsuccessful ways to get the business coming through again.
“One of the main problems is you can’t actually get to speak to anyone and ultimately they don’t care.
“We’ve got a Telstra case manager but he can’t do anything.
“It’s incredibly frustrating and damaging at what is supposed to be our busiest time of the year.”
Rod said he thought he was doing the right thing by trying to embrace the benefits of NBN connection but after what has happened to him, his advice is “don’t touch it!”
“If you do decide to go that way, keep a diary of all the calls, contacts and details because you might need it.”
And it’s still not over. Telstra promised the phone number would be reconnected last week but still nothing!”
If you want food packaging supplies, washroom supplies, cleaning equipment and supplies, give Rod at Abicor Southern a ring, but call him on his mobile 0413 684 141, not the landline.