The two councillors associated with the Phillip Island group, which complains long and loudly about how the Island suffers from an imbalance of council expenditure, have voted against proceeding with the next stage of the comprehensive Cowes Cultural Centre plan.
Instead they have voted for a limited component of the larger plan.
In reducing the cost, councillors appear not to understand the concept of opportunity cost.
That is the value/benefit foregone by taking a particular decision.
In this instance: jobs, community, business and industry.
While future government support for the project is not assured, the design work, now shelved, would shorten the odds for gaining funds and the value of the centre would make it worth the risk.
Does this decision, by six of the nine councillors – most of whom campaigned on reducing council expenditure – give us an indication of what’s to come?
Are we to expect a ‘do nothing’ council, which measures itself on how much money it DOESN’T spend, rather than achievements for the community?
Maddy Harford, West Creek.