Darren Chester is right.
We do need to get those tired, hungover drivers off our road over the holiday period.
Given the population growth in the region over the summer period it would make sense to have a reliable public transport system throughout South Gippsland so that people can get on a bus instead of having to take the car, thereby reducing congestion, frustration and fatigue.
However, if you have young family members, working and partying hard this Christmas season, they will be forced to drive down to visit you at Christmas.
Older uncles who are not so familiar with the road better find someone to go collect them.
Instead of our normal timetable, there is a coach leaving Southern Cross at 11am and arriving at Leongatha (sorry Yarram folks) at 1.15.
You will have to feed them fast though, as the return bus is 2.30, so it will be a quick 45 minute visit.
Cowes has just two services from Dandenong with no direct services for Inverloch and Wonthaggi residents to Melbourne.
It seems once again South Gippsland is left out of public transport plans and if you hear the Premier spruiking the free public transport on Christmas Day he likes to promote, ask him where is our bus?
The solution is not just roads. Investment in a good, reliable public transport service would also greatly reduce the number of accidents.
Donna Lancaster, Inverloch.