NEWHAVEN students have claimed the top marks in this year’s class of 2016 but all other colleges in the region have hailed the improvement by their students in rankings and the number of study scores above 40.
Here’s a wrap-up on how your school fared, but you’ll need to wait until presentation days this week to drill down to the detail.

Korumburra SC
At the Korumburra Secondary College, where 41 students completed their VCE and 6 did VCAL, the school was delighted to see improvement in the general rankings and also in the number of study scores over 40 achieved by the cohort of 2016.
“We will announce the dux of the school at our awards presentation on Thursday night (December 15 7.30pm at the school),” said Principal Abby Graham.
“We’re very proud of students and delighted to have seen significant improvement this year.
“We also judge our outcomes on community involvement as well as academic achievements and pleased to say that you can do both of those things at Korumburra.”

Leongatha SC
The dux of the Leongatha Secondary College is James Fraser but his ATAR ranking was not revealed by the school.
“The real positive for us is the increase in the number of students who have achieved a ranking above 70 and also the increase in the number of study scores above 40. In most cases, this will allow the students to go on and do what they want to do,” Leongatha Secondary College Principal Wayne Chester said.
The school had 52 VCE students and nine VCAL and all achieved their VCE/VCAL certificates.
“Overall it’s a picture of improvement and that’s very pleasing,” he said.

Mary MacKillop
Mary MacKillop College in Leongatha was delighted that 41 per cent of students achieved a ranking above 70 in this year’s VCE exams.
“Congratulations to the Mary MacKillop College class of 2016. We are very pleased and proud of our students’ VCE results. 65 sat for VCE exams and six have scored in the 90s. The class of 2016 has done very well,” said Principal David Leslie.
“Most will gain entry to their first or second preference for University and there are lots of excited students and happy families today. We are proud of them all.”
Results: Dux Matilda McNeil 96.6, runner-up Isaac Frith 94.9. Top Ten scores: 1. 96.6, 2. 94.9, 3. 93.7, 4. 92.55, 5. 90.05, 6. 90.05, 7. 89.25, 8. 88.35, 9. 88.20 and 10. 87.45.
Initial calculations include the following: 25% of ATAR scores above 80, 35% are in top quarter, 41% above 70, 7% of scaled Study Scores above 40 and 17% of students have a study score of 40 or above.
“A very big thank-you to the teachers who have worked so well to get the most out of their students this year. A particular feature is the depth of performance with a solid spread of scores in the 70s, 80s and 90s,” Mr Leslie said.
“This indicates strong, effective teaching across the board. There are a number of classes where multiple students have scored 40 or more – this only happens when the teacher really knows her or his business and has worked hard for their students.”

Wonthaggi celebrates VCE class of 2016


Jessica Foreman, Maddy Murray, and Logan Brann have all successfully completed their VCE at Wonthaggi Secondary College.

WONTHAGGI Secondary College is celebrating the achievements of all 126 Year 12 students who have now officially completed their VCE education.
Official results were released yesterday for all VCE students and an additional 18 VCAL students from the college.
Principal at the McBride campus, Darren Parker, said he was pleased that the school has demonstrated growth in the top end of the school, and is very proud of the students’ achievements.
“Well done to the Class of 2017, and congratulations on your success this year,” Darren said.
“Thanks also to the dedicated teachers who have supported students throughout the year. We remain particularly proud of those who have had to overcome personal challenges along their journey through Year 12.”
One of the highest achieving students, Maddy Murray, received an ATAR score of 96.30, a result which mother Anne said she was exceptionally happy with.
“She was just so thrilled, and very excited,” Anne said.
“I think she might go straight into university in 2017, but now she knows her results she may change some of her preference choices. One choice might be to study global politics and law at Monash University.”
Several students have had early offers to tertiary institutions, while most now will await important VTAC offers issued in mid-January.
A number of students from the secondary college have also secured employment with apprenticeships remaining a very popular pathway.
VCE coordinator, Marg O’Donnell, has congratulated all students on their achievements.
“Congratulations to all of our Year 12 students. We look forward to watching with enthusiasm as you undertake the next exciting parts of your lives,” Marg said.

Astonishing scores for Newhaven twins

IT WAS a family affair at Newhaven College with dux Lauren Adams, of Cowes, top scoring with an ATAR of 99.2, closely followed by her twin sister Emily, who received a score of 98.3.
Others scoring in the 90s were John Budileanu, Lily Christopher, Jessie van Hamond, Emma Volard, Daniel Dewhirst, Duncan Hunt, Caitlin McAskill and a boy who chose not to be named.
The school is proud of the 12.8 per cent of the cohort who scored an ATAR above 90, and the 34.6 per cent who received an ATAR above 80.
48 per cent scored in the top third of the state.
The school’s median subject study score, which includes Year 11 students undertaking advanced studies, was 30 and 8.58 per cent received a study score of 40 plus.
This was almost two points above the previous year and the school’s highest in five years.
Principal Gea Lovell said each student should be congratulated for their efforts.
“While the academic statistical summary of the class of 2016 is impressive, success and impact are measured rightly through a much wider lens,” she said.
“The class of 2016 achieved these excellent results whilst at the same time being fully involved in the life of the school, in their community and in charity events throughout the year. We are certainly very proud of our class of 2016.
“We particularly acknowledge those students who faced very personal issues that impacted on their studies, as they persevered with the support of our staff, and achieved their very best.”