IN ALMOST perfect conditions for target shooting, there were some high scores shot at the Grantville Rifle Club Range recently, with Phillip Island crack shot Peter Marum shooting three perfect scores.
Across three rounds of 10 shots each round, Peter shot all 30, scoring bullets in a circle only 14.5cm in diameter, at a distance of 500 yards.
Thirteen of these shots landed in the central circle, measuring a mere 7cm in diameter.
Consistency of performance and mental concentration play such a vital role in this sport.
Peter is aiming well for a shot at the championship events in 2017.
New comers to the sport can always rely on his sound advice and assistance setting up rifles and reloading gear.
Interested ladies and gentleman of all ages, and older juniors can enquire about the come and try aspect of the Grantville Rifle Club’s activities.
Shooting takes place from 10am Saturday except on total fire ban days, and shooters wishing to sight in their hunting rifles can do so at 9am before club shooting commences.
Arrangements for this can be made with club secretary Don McLeish via email
Drop in visitors are also welcome each Saturday and can use the club provided rifle under supervision, with no firearms licence required.
Contact Don for more information.
Many women are well represented in national ranking lists in target rifle shooting, but this is not necessarily reflected in club memberships throughout the sport.
The Grantville Rifle Club welcomes all newcomers, and in particular the club wishes to do something about this gender imbalance in target shooting.
The lady club members would also like to see more females joining a sport that is passive, relaxing, and importantly where men and women compete on an equal basis.
It has been proven that female shooters have an ability to concentrate well and perhaps not get as emotionally involved in the ‘Oh! I just had a bad shot’ aspect of the activity.
They may be more likely than men to just ‘let it go to the keeper’ and move on.
The Grantville Rifle Club sees itself as a welcoming, supportive, and an active participant in this very safe, rewarding, and enjoyable outdoor ballistic sport.
Visit the website at, contact Don to find out more or come down and have a go. Shooting results at 500 yards, Grantville Rifle Range, Saturday, December 10:
* Range Target Rifle: T Donaldson 142.9.
* F Class Rifle: P Marum 180.13, K Eland 178.17, J Eland 177.11, D McLeish 176.12, T Jury 176.6, D Rissman 173.11, K Armstrong 166.7, S McLeish 163.8, G Doig 163.5, R Horkings 160.4.