As the weather warms up many of us will be looking to cool off in the water.
Whether it’s a pool, creek, river, beach or even the garden hose, I urge everyone to remember the safety message from Swimming Victoria, to ‘play it safe by the water’ this summer.
Our surf lifesavers do an amazing job, but need your help, so please listen to their advice, always swim between the flags when present, never swim alone and perhaps most importantly, never swim intoxicated.
Alcohol contributes to at least 20 per cent of all adult drowning deaths each year.
However, it is suspected the overall figure is likely to be higher as alcohol is not tested for in all drowning deaths. Swimming and alcohol just don’t mix.
There’s a lot to enjoy throughout Gippsland over the summer, please enjoy it responsibly.
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Danny O’Brien, Member for Gippsland South.