THE move by the Bass Coast Shire Council to begin works on the construction of a new sewer rising main on Cuttriss Street, Inverloch this week has baffled Big 4 Caravan Park Inverloch owner Ray Edwards.
Mr Edwards was notified of the works on Friday by email, and cannot fathom why the works would be completed during the busiest time of the year.
The works are part of the installation of a prefabricated toilet at the Anderson Inlet Angling Club, which will be delivered in February.
The letter states that construction works will begin the week of December 12 and are anticipated to be completed by February 15, 2017.
Ray labelled the timing of the works as ‘stupidity’, and said it shows total disrespect and a lack of understanding.
“The shire’s decided to dig up all the roads near the caravan park for a month in December to put in pipes,” he said.
“We’ll have 6000 people at the foreshore park and the Big 4 park, so they’ve all got to go through the intersection.
“The traffic movement on the big check-in days is already slow. We could have 15 cars and caravans queued up waiting to check-in at one time and the lack of parking is already bad.
“The fact is there is a significant amount of traffic movement through the intersection and that section of street. It’s chaotic as it is.
“Our staff work pretty hard to make the entrance to the property appealing and now they’re going to go and dig it all it up.”
Bass Coast Shire Council’s CEO, Paul Buckley said the sewer and power connection works need to be completed prior to a prefabricated toilet being delivered in February.
He said there will be minimal impact on the Big 4 Caravan Park.
“There is going to be some removal of vegetation where the toilet is going, and in mid-January some boring work will be done, however people will see very little work until after the Australia Day period,” he said.
“When boring works are being undertaken, up to five car spaces will be cordoned off, however there will be no other impact to traffic or surrounding properties.
“Council acknowledges insufficient notice was given causing some concern from residents.
“We will address our processes to ensure more notice is given for future projects.”
Cr Julian Brown sympathised with the Big 4 owner after investigating the issue.
“The Big 4 caravan park was notified only on Friday afternoon that works were to commence on Monday – I think that’s an unacceptable outcome and I’ve made that view known to the organisation,” Cr Brown said.
“I’ve asked council staff what the nature of project is and they’ve told me that the vast majority of works are going to happen beneath ground.
“I enquired as to how much traffic management signage there is going to be and how much disruption to local traffic.
“Council staff have told me there’s going to be very minimal traffic management signage and I will be watching the works over the summer period and I intend to hold them to that information.”