I am writing to express my deep concerns regarding the front page article headed ‘A town divided’ in a recent edition of the Sentinel-Times.
I confess I felt physically ill when I read what I regard as a most alarmist and misleading headline, leading into irresponsible journalism in the extreme.
What is the likely impact on visitors and potential residents or investors of a headline like that?
Just whose opinions are being expressed here?
Which business group(s) was/were approached and when?
If you are going to offer editorial opinion, then it should at least have a by-line.
If you are going quote other’s opinions then they should be sourced.
How did the contents of a letter which was sent to the Director of Development Services and the relevant three ward councillors become so widely circulated? (If indeed it did.)
I thought we had cured the smelly environment of our town but something smells very off here!
It is only when one explores the article in full by delving into the depths of page 8 do the real facts come to light – facts which have nothing to do with the headline.
Our Korumburra is a group which came together to oppose retrospective draconian planning amendments which were proposed and subsequently imposed after an almost two year campaign.
This resulted in a buffer zone (Environmental Significance Overlay), being created around the existing Burra Foods site.
During the process the public response surprised Burra Foods and they decided to join with us and create a Community Consultative Committee which would provide an opportunity for the community and Burra Foods to work together collaboratively to bring about better environmental outcomes.
This has been seen as an outstanding success, with the EPA holding us up as a model for other similar situations.
This commitment demonstrates that rather than being in any way opposed to Burra Foods, the group has been successful in bringing about better outcomes for the whole community.
The letter in question was sent only as a reminder to the relevant authorities that due planning process must be adhered to, rather than what may have happened in the past.
I trust this goes some way to clarifying the situation.
Viv Pepper, former chair and current member of ‘Our Korumburra’.