Our community group, Our Korumburra, which has been attended by up to 100 residents at some of our meetings and includes many local businesses, would like to express support of Burra Foods and the benefits it brings to Korumburra and the region.
Our Korumburra was instrumental in setting up the Burra Foods Environmental Community Consultation Committee (BFECCC) with representatives of Our Korumburra, South Gippsland Shire Council, the EPA and Burra Foods.
This group has been so successful in moving towards a cleaner environment and improving relationships between all parties that it has been held up as a model by the EPA in other communities.
The BFECCC has worked through some difficult issues and Burra Foods is to be applauded for the efforts it has made to reduce odour, noise, milk powder fall out and emissions into Coalition creek.
I’m sure everyone understands, including Burra Foods, that no resident would be happy about a second 32m drying tower going up within 100m of their homes, their ‘castles’.
However, Our Korumburra seeks to find a balance between industry growth and ensuring residents can enjoy their own backyards and we thank Burra Foods, South Gippsland Shire Council and the EPA for working with Our Korumburra to achieve this.
Elisabeth Jones, Chair, Our Korumburra.