Agnes recently celebrated her 100th birthday with four generations of family. They are from back to front, granddaughter Melanie and her husband Travis, Agnes’s son Alan and daughter-in-law Kaye, with great-grandsons Jack and Max.

KEEPING active, walking, and reading a lot.
That’s Agnes Tilson’s secret to happily and healthily reach your 100th birthday, a feat she recently achieved on Sunday, January 15.
Born in 1917 on a hot Geelong morning, Agnes now lives in Cowes, after a lifetime of hard work and caring for her family.
Agnes now lives in Melaleuca Lodge in Cowes, after spending 10 years living in Coronet Bay with family.
After celebrating her 100th birthday with a big bash with family and friends, Agnes looks back on her life with great affection and a lot of happiness.
“Early life was quiet, I was the youngest in the family and shared much of my time with the younger children from the house over the road.”
Anges wanted to be a teacher, after finishing her education by correspondence from Melbourne High School.
“But the Depression in the early 30s put paid to that. Jobs were scarce and it was difficult finding one.”
After working mainly in homes in her local district, Agnes moved to Morwell, where she met the man who was to become her husband.
“We knew each other for a few weeks before Eric enlisted in the army,” Agnes said.
“We wrote letters to each other while he was away fighting. Eric was home not long before the war was over, and we continued contact with one another, before we fell in love and were married.”
Agnes learned to play the piano while at school, and only stopped playing a couple of years ago.
She still actively reads books.
“A lot of romance, I enjoy reading,” Agnes said.
“And we walked everywhere. We walked to school, and I’ve never had a car licence. Eric and I never reached as far as owning a car. We walked many miles over the years.”
Agnes wishes to thank all of her friends and family who attended her birthday party on Sunday, January 15, and thanks them for helping her celebrate her 100th birthday.