Cruising versus container ships? What’s best for us?
Reports in last week’s local media highlight the positive impact of having cruise ships come into Western Port on the region and our highly tourism and dependent/environment based economy.
This is in stark contrast to the economic and environmental disaster that would be foisted on the Bass Coast economy by the 6000 gigantic container ship movements per annum, should the Port of Hastings container terminal ever be built. With multiples of these having to anchor right where the cruise ships do at present.
In a classic case of “mine is bigger than yours”, the reports quoted the dimensions of the “Golden Princess” as a “mere” 1.5 times the length of the MCG. The container ships proposed for Hastings are twice the length of ‘The G’ and four times the height of the San Remo bridge.
Again, using the G as our measurement standard, The Preserve Western Port Action Group has calculated that the equivalent of 15 MCGs of dredge material, to the top of the grandstands, would have to be taken out of Western Port to accommodate these monsters.
The impact from the increased tidal flows resulting from such dredging, would be enormous on an already very fragile coastline in many parts of the Bay.
A decision on where Victoria’s next container port will be located will be made this year, but it’s not too late for Bass Coast residents to have their say on this matter.
So go to and tell them how much we prefer “cruising to containers”
Kevin Chambers, The Gurdies