ROADS, tourism and adequate medical facilities were among the top issues when the Bass Coast Shire Council asked residents to voice their opinions on how to ‘Help shape a better Bass Coast’.
The council is running an extensive engagement program for the development of the Council Plan 2017-21 and Municipal Health and Wellbeing Plan throughout the month of January, and information collected during this consultation will also influence the development of the 2017/18 budget.
One of the ways council is collecting suggestions is on its Facebook page which has already been avalanched with ideas.
A spokesperson for the Bass Coast Shire Council said a Facebook post by the shire, encouraging residents to have their say, had reached tens of thousands of people.
The post asked the following questions:
• What would make living, visiting or investing in Bass Coast better?
• What would you like to see retained or improved?
• What health and wellbeing issues are you concerned about?
• What would you like the Council to achieve in the next four years?
Here’s some of the best responses:
“Looking after roads and existing infrastructure so that the shire looks its best, especially on Phillip Island.”
“Help promote Wonthaggi, it has a lot of history. Instead of trying to shut the information centre down. Get on VicRoads to fix our dangerous roads, they need rebuilding not just a reseal and they are not roadworthy. Also need to encourage industrial business to come down this way, Wonthaggi has a lot to offer.”
“Would love to see a nice big Wonthaggi sign with an Avenue of Trees on White Rd as you come in – first impressions count.”
“Fix the Wonthaggi plaza carpark, it needs a second exit. The one at the roundabout is a nightmare, put an exit only on the corner opposite Big W and the bushland. Also a bigger indoor swimming pool and a Kmart.”
“More ramps to the beaches and less stairs. Disabled people need to get to the beach as well as ambulatory people.”
“How about finally approving a supermarket for Grantville? And giving Pioneer Bay its paved road back. You know, basic things for those who don’t happen to live in the tourist strips.”
“Wonthaggi needs traffic lights at the Bunnings intersection now, not in two years’ time. Someone will be killed before then. Also get the cinema running better and maybe an exit point at the plaza.”
“A new public toilet in San Remo. It is disgusting it stinks and it is so in need of a new one.”
“Promoting our beautiful ‘Bass Coast Hinterland’ as a tourist drive. Supporting and encouraging agri-tourist endeavours along this pretty drive from Wonthaggi to Loch.”
“How many people have to live here and die here before we get adequate medical facilities at Phillip Island? Our population has doubled in the last 10 years but our infrastructure hasn’t. The council is pushing more housing estates which are selling like hot cakes, retirees and young families alike are moving down here but nothing is being provided for them. The schools are bulging at the seams, we have a long wait even for a doctor’s appointment, same at the radiology clinic. Is there any future planning for these urgent facilities?”
“Youth services, youth services and more youth services! Continuing to get behind mental health/suicide prevention programs like SOS.”
Residents are reminded to fill out a survey to have your say at