NEW cars, especially those out of the Nissan and Hyundai stable, are built so well these days that they have much higher rates of reliability than cars of the past.
But as good as the reliability is, it’s still not a case of set and forget.
Consistent good performance is based on regular maintenance where your service intervals are set at times when various consumables; oil filters, oil, belts, hoses, coolant, etc can be replaced to keep your car running at optimum levels.
And getting your car running super efficiently will save, rather than cost you money in the long run.
But, between services, things can and do go wrong and at Edneys Leongatha they not only have scheduled maintenance down to a fine art, they have a strong record in the area of major and minor mechanical repairs as well, stemming from their role as the district RACV Deport and Roadside repairer.
It’s a role they have discharged with distinction for many years.
Service Manager Nick McRae is proud of Edney’s service division and the tradition is has developed in the local community over the years.
“We certainly pride ourselves on the quality and efficiency of our service but there are a lot of others things we do besides servicing and maintaining Nissans and Hyundais,” said Nick this week.
“We also fit all kinds of accessories from bull bars to driving lights, protective gear, tow balls; anything you want to add.
“We also maintain and repair all makes and models, specialising in engine repairs and driveline repairs, diffs, gearboxes etc.
“We have a spotless, modern and well-appointed workshop and an excellent team of automotive professionals.”
Of course Edney’s specialise in Nissan and Hyundai but their technicians are trained to work on all makes and models, using the latest in computer diagnostic gear specific to those makes and models.
As well as working with individual clients, they also offer a fleet maintenance service.
They have a quick turnaround on service and repairs and they are happy to quote for services and work as required.
But the best thing to do is beat the problems before they start and you can only do that with regular and scheduled maintenance.
Typically, minor car services come every 10,000 to 15,000km when such things as oil and oil filter are replaced, and there’s a checklist of inspections from belts, to hoses, brakes, brake fluid, cooling system tests, fluid top-ups, transmission, steering and suspension checks, windscreen wipers, air, fuel filters, lights and tyres.
A major service, every 30,000 to 45,000 depending on manufacturers will include all of the above but here there will also be some major replacement work to be done on brakes, engine (at least replace spark plugs), wheel bearings, transmission line oils, battery and more.
There will also be scheduled replacements to timing chains and the like that qualified and accredited workshops like Edney’s will be able to advise you about.
So when it comes to keeping your car at its best, it’s hard to go past Edney’s Leongatha for maintenance and repairs to all makes and models.